Friday, January 29, 2010


Sorry, but I am too lazy to find the accent grave on my keyboard. So, for the purposes of this article, it will be spelled Hermes. As in the Greek god.
Jean Paul Gaultier has a penchant for themed shows, the more over-the top, the better. He introduced us to aviator-chic last season, with leather bomber jackets and pilot-style caps, and has previously indulged us in sumptuous fabrics reminiscent of a Bollywood film. However, this season he took a different approach, seeking his influence from athletics. Sports are a natural inspiration for a Hermes line, after all, the brand is known for its equestrian roots (a motif that is ever-present in its runway shows). For the spring 2010 collection, tennis was the main influence. It was sporty-chic (oh, how I despise using that term to describe such a wonderful collection) delivered with impeccable elegance and precision. Cardigan and miniskirt ensembles were accessorized with the trademark Birkin, in a fresh shade of new tennis-shoes white. Preppy-girl wardrobe staples, like collared shirts and blazers, along with luxe floor-length dresses were done in clean shades of blue, white, and black. I've included some other photographs from the collection below. To view more, click here.


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  3. if you have a mac, to do the accent grave you hold down "alt/option" key while pressing the "`/~" key, then press the "e" key: hermès :) (years of french essays have taught me the ways of the keyboard haha)

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