Wednesday, June 2, 2010

During the summer, I am, admittedly, such a sucker for all the flowery prints and other boho patterns. I'm not really the hippie-type (you could say that I look a little more (OK, maybe a lot more) to Audrey Hepburn for my personal style choices than, say, Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane fame). However, there is some inexplicable appeal to printed maxidresses, fringed leather bags, and beaded sandals.

I am loving this look from Urban Outfitters - it's part 90's grunge-girl, part 60's flowerchild (not that I'm either!). Personally, I love scarves for summer, especially for a chilly evening out. You can grab this at for $28.

I love Free People clothes - sadly, they're a bit pricey, and I'm definitely one for a bargain! The sale section of the website is a great place to check out for cheap accessories ($10 sunglasses, rings, and jewelry abound).

Again, I apologize for not having posted in forever!!! School is always taking up a lot of time - and I've got finals coming up... hopefully I'll be able to make some time for my blog :)

Thank you Google Images LIFE Photo Archive, Urban Outfitters, and Free People!